About Us
Mission Statement:

To motivate, promote and develop the mind, body, and spirit of today’s youth, by helping build character, confidence and self-esteem in a family-oriented atmosphere.
L.U.T.A.N is a one stop shop in which you can receive cheerleading, recreational tumbling, nutrition coaching, and personal training all under the same roof. We lift up wellness at the beginning stages of life from childhood to adulthood in order to maximize total fitness and health. Lift Up! Tumbling & Nutrition was founded by women who specialize in both areas. Lift Up! Tumbling & Nutrition strives to promote exercise and a balanced nutrition, for strong youth development. We believe that through faith, we can help build physical and mental character for today’s youth and teach the L.U.T.A.N WAY.


Exemplified in four Areas: (Smile, Shine, Stand and Shout)

• Smile- Shows friendliness and character
• Shine- In Mind, Body and Spirit
• Stand- In confidence and Integrity
• Shout- For Enthusiasm for the Team!

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