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"Since my daughter Morgan Brown has joined the L.U.T.A.N tumbling cheer team. She has become very happy and showing great interest in competition in other similar cheer sports and teams. Recently she made the team with her middle school Eastwood. Varsity team to be exact. She is showing that she has what it takes. And has grown to show great discipline and openness with this as a sport and increasing scholarly strengths as well. She cares about her health and wellness and is now also joining a mentoring program with sorority Sigma Rho Gamma chapter. I think we have a great formula for success. And her once shyness is slowly shedding as she continues on. "

- Jessica Brown


"Hi, I am the mother of Jaida Frencher who is on the L.U.T.A.N Cheer and Tumbling Team. This will be her 2nd year on the team and she loves every moment of being on the team. Jaida started in the recreational classes and was eager to join the team. She has really turned herself around in many ways. Her personality has changed with a lot more confidence in herself and dedication to the task at hand. For example, she injured herself days before the team had to perform in the Circle City Classic Parade. I noticed she started crying,which I thought was about the pain. I was completely in shock to find out the reason she was crying was because she thought she couldn’t perform with the team. Her dad and I have never seen her so passionate and dedicated even with pain. I told Coach Vanessa she has truly  made a difference in Jaida with the short time of Jaida being on the team. I'm  proud to say Jaida can now do a full choreography cheer routine, a back walkover, and cartwheel. Her coaches have stated they have seen a true improvement in Jaida’s performance and can see her growing even more. Her dad and I are very grateful to Coach Vanessa and staff for all they do to be a positive influence for Jaida."

- Leaja Brown-Frencher

"When my daughter Londyn started with Lutan last year. It was just going to be a trial-type situation. After her first day there, Coach Gardner pulled me to the side and told me how much potential she saw in Londyn and how Londyn could be great at this. I mean, as a mother, we always think our children are great, but when someone else sees it right off the bat. It makes you feel good as a parent. Coach V pushed Londyn to her best ability, and she needed that extra push. Lutan is not only a cheer team; it’s a fellowship, a community. The girls have become close (cheer sisters), as we call them, and Coach V and her staff are helping to mold our children. They are helping with their confidence, self-esteem, athleticism, character, and the list goes on. We could be at any gym, but I am glad we chose Lutan. "

- Erica Nowlen

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